Cheapest Summer Destinations to Book Now

Destinations to Book Now

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Cheapest Summer Destinations to Book Now
Cheapest Summer Destinations to Book Now
Cheapest Summer Destinations to Book Now

We are getting towards summer and the same thing is on everyone’s minds: A memorable summer vacation. Many have already booked many destinations for themselves and some are still looking at the rates. Yes, with the state of Nigeria’s economy or the level of the Nigerian Naira to the US Dollar, you might feel mortified to travel to the vacation of your dream. I have therefore compiled for you, this summer, Top Cheapest Destinations You Need to Book Now and the Cheap Flights to each of them. Ready? Let’s.

  1. Wild Wadi, Dubai

Everyone loves the taste of adventure. That’s the essence of travelling. Book flight from Lagos to Dubai and see this beautiful Theme Park in Dubai situated in front of the Burj Al Arab designed to signify the tale of Juha, a character from the Arabian folklore. This park has at least 30 joy rides and several attractions for you and your family. Book your flights now and enjoy this Summer Sale.

  1. Monterey, California

If Global Adventuress choses this city as the best summer vacation, it’s really something hot off the coal press. True to facts, Monterey is one of the best cities to visit this summer. This American city is one of the best summer vacation spots this year. Situated along California’s central coast, the city of Monterey is awesome and really attractive for vacation. There are such amazing sights there. Monterey is the home of marine life. The main attraction is the beautiful blue sea water—you will get to see marine life up-close, blue whales, sea otters, and so on. The beautiful thing by my own research is the low prices of food and eatables in Monterey this summer. Monterey is the best place to be for a low cost.

  1. Orlando, Florida

While the weather and crowds are at their extreme, we can find here cheap flights from Lagos to New York for cheap nightly hotels this summer in the beautiful city of Orlando. There are lots of attractions that will surely catch your attention. One such is the popular amusement park mecca, campgrounds, zoos, and museums. Go to this world class vacation and keep amazing memories in the city of the fun!

  1. London, England

One of the most affordable vacations spot this summer is in London. Replete with beautiful royal English sights, what’s not to like? From classic museums to start of the art zoos, botanical gardens, amusement parks, and so on. This is one of the cheapest on this airline in this ongoing Summer Sale. Click here to check out cheap flights from Lagos to London. Be on your way to a memorable low-cost vacation with much loaded fun.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

You might already have been eyeing this beautiful tourist-friendly city for a while. It is now easier to book Cheap Flights than ever before. The rates are really affordable and insanely cheap. Besides, Zanzibar is really a promising spot for summer vacation this year. So don’t hesitate to book your flights now!


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