Crazy facts about Pablo Escobar!!

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Crazy facts about Pablo Escobar!
Shoie Somanath
i like watching tv shows based on crime

67w ago

A few facts about the most notorious drug kingpin ever, Pablo Escobar.

When Escobar born in 1949 in Antioquia, Colombia .His mother was a School Teacher and his father was a Farmer. When he was still in school he used to steal and sell tombstones to smugglers. He was a car thief for a brief period of time and performed a kidnapping once. After dabbling in the small crime industry, Escobar got serious about it and entered the cocaine trade in the early 1970s.

On the streets of Medellin, Pablo started his criminal career in his teens. Pablo was ambitious from the beginning, and he used to tell his friends that he would be a millionaire by the time he was 22.

During a trip to Ecuador for a shipment of cocaine paste, Escobar got caught and arrested. He tried to bribe the judge but failed. He did manage to bribe the arresting officers, leading to all charges being dropped.

Escobar’s signature approach was called “plata o plomo”, meaning “silver or lead”which meant, accept money; or face bullets. Whoever couldn’t be bribed was killed. An estimated 200 judges, dozens of journalists, three Colombian presidential candidates, an attorney general, a justice minister and more than 1,000 cops refused to take the silver, so they had to suffer the lead.

By the 1980s, Escobar controlled 80% of the cocaine traffic going into the US. The cartel moved 70 to 80 tons of cocaine into the country per month. At the height of his reign Pablo Escobar was making around $420 million each week.

His yearly earnings peaked at an estimated $30 billion a year. That including the $1-2 billion in losses a month.

About 10% of Escobar’s earnings were lost to spoilage. It is likely that rats consumed a large bulk of the bills.

Escobar spent roughly $2,500 a month on rubber bands for his cash.

From 1987 until 1993, Escobar made the Forbes’ list of international billionaires. In 1989, he ranked as the seventh-richest man in the world.

Escobar has so much money he bought a 7.7-square-mile estate and had a go-kart track on it, a private airport, and an actual zoo. It had giraffes, lions, elephants and hippos. Yes, lions. It is said that this place hosted drug fueled parties where Colombia’s most powerful and most beautiful people gathered.

Despite his horrific business dealings, Escobar was celebrated by the poor people of Colombia. He was known to give money to churches, hospitals, establish food programs and built parks and soccer stadiums.He even earned the nickname ‘Robin Hood’ by the poor, even after he was labeled a drug kingpin.Other popular nicknames included ‘Don Pablo’ and ‘El Patron’.

In 1982, Escobar got himself elected to Colombia’s Congress. Two years later, Minister of Justice Rodrigo Lara Bonilla had him removed from the Congress. Escobar had him killed.

However, it didn’t stop there. In 1989, he attempted to kill presidential candidate Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, but couldn’t get close enough to target him, so he had the airliner Trujillo was a passenger on bombed. It killed 110 people, but not Trujillo.

Escobar finally surrendered to Colombian authorities in 1991. He made a deal that sent him to “La Catedral”, a prison he helped design. In typical Escobar fashion, the prison had a soccer field, jacuzzi, bar, and even a waterfall. He continued to run his operations from his detention center, nicknamed “Club Medellin”, which was easy since he chose his own guards.

When the authorities tried to move him to a real prison, Escobar escaped from La Catedral and went into hiding with his family. One night, when they hid in a cave, he burned $2 million cash to keep his daughter warm.

It was known that Pablo’s greatest fear was extradition. He said he’d rather “be in a grave in Colombia than a cell in the United States.” The fear was so great, he attempted to change Colombia’s law of extradition by paying the country’s entire debt – an estimated $10 billion. A plan that ultimately failed.

He continued his criminal activities from within ‘La Catedral’ and hence the authorities planned to shift him to another cell. Pablo however discovered the plan and made an unhurried escape.

Escobar stayed in the lion’s den while the authorities were after him. In 1993, a special Colombian task force called in Search Bloc three different Special Operations units of the National Police of Colombia hunted Escobar down. They found him right there in Medellin, living in a middle class home.

Thousands of mourners crowded a muddy hilltop cemetery to bury Pablo Escobar. A ruthless cocaine baron to the outside world was a folk hero to many poorer residents of Medellin’s tough hillside shantytowns.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

  • Born: December 1, 1949
  • Died : December 2, 1993
Mayeli Espinosa Ríos
I’m from Cali, ve! Yet still, I’ve been living in Bogota for two years

4w ago


South American wild hippos.

You can see one of them below, walking in the middle of a small town:

Today, there are around 60 hippos in the Magdalena river (Colombia). They have no predadors, they are reproducing and they are huge.

So, if 50 years from now South America is riddled with Hippos (unless of course, the climate change or hunters stand in the way), it will be because in 1981 Pablo Escobar brought them to the continent to make his own private zoo.

Now they are swimming free. Sometimes they even graze in people’s backyard.

We better kept a good and detailed historical record of this, because no Darwin could give an explanation for the arrival of such a particular animal to our continent.

Jesus Rincon
I’ve lived all of my life here!

108w ago

There are some really crazy facts here from this guy. But the most crazy fact is the fact that nowadays thanks to a national tv stupid series about him, he’s being praised, even though he was one of the worst things that could have happened to Colombia!

I mean, it’s like if Germany suddenly decided to air a show about Hitler glorificating him as a nice guy, that had done some bad things, and kids now want to be like him.

The excuse to show this kind of dumb series was to “show” how was the life in that time. BS. Kids saw this and suddenly most of them want to be ” el patron”, and let’s be honest, if you see as a kid a guy that can defy the goverment, have a ton of cash, women, luxuries, power, wouldn’t you want to be like him when you grow up?

The worst thing that has this man done to this country and the most crazy fact is that he’s remembered and even praised by some people. That’s plain sick. I really hope that one of these days, no one would remember him as anything else as a crazy druglord that left a big scar in our country.

Juan Pablo Forero
Have study history for sometime, but I´m not an expert. I try to answer always.

90w ago

The craziest thing he did was so funny. The authorities confiscated his zebras, so he had four donkeys painted as zebras to replace the ones he had lost. Just one, as you asked.

​That only shows how absurd was him and that money can make you crazy. He had so many that in some moment he was one, if not the richest man alive.

Anna Ranjan
Want to Live there

102w ago

A common drug dealer doesn’t makes up to Congress, Escobar occupied a seat in lower Chamber.

He created a business model in which the US provides the junkies, geographically intermediate countries the transportation and Colombia provides the dead bodies.

At one point 70 to 80 tonnes of cocaine was being smuggled every month from Colombia to the United States by Pablo.

At the heights of the Medellin cartel PABLO used to smuggle roughly 15 tonnes of cocaine to the US everyday.
He made so much illegal money that he couldn’t store them in banks, so he made bricks of his cash and stored them in warehouses.
Rats ate about 1 billion dollar money every year of the total wealth he had.

In 1989, Forbes listed him as the 7th richest man in the world with assets close to around $25 Billion.

Escobar purchased 20 square kilometers of land near Puerto TriunfoHe built there a zoo, a lake and other things for his and his family’s recreation.

Escobar was confined in a luxurious private prison which was known as La Catedral


One of the craziest (in my opinion) from one of the many biographies written about Pablo Escobar; is about the time when he was hiding in Medellin from both Colombian and US government; fearing extradition.Escobar had many safe houses but he frequently moved around them; either because one of them was getting too hot; it for safety.

The challenge was how to transport the most searched man in the country and his entire troop of bodyguards without attracting attention. So what they used to do was to get a small public transit bus; big enough to fit everyone and actually make it full of Escobar troops. For anyone on the street will loom like a public bus that is full making its usual route; but it was Escobar changing locations.

Pablo Escobar was always in disguise. But here’s the crazy part of the story: he loved to be the bus driver himself!!!

He had around 800 Homes through-out the world.
Recently his home in Miami was broken down and the best thing is that they found all cash being stacked in the ground. The amount was more than the value of house in that Posh locality.

There are not many people in this world who are crazy enough to declare war on their governments.Unless he’s Pablo 🙂

Who offers to pay off the $10 billion Colombian national debt in cash.
The idea was proposed by Carlos Lehder ( Pablo’s good friend and partner in Cartel)to remove extradition.

Who kills the attorney general.

No one paints there Donkey as Zebra just because the DEA has seized the Zebra which you imported.

Rory Everitt
runs and visited Colombia December 2015

111w ago

He was a master at PR. He did many horrific things and oversaw a reign of terror in both Medellin and Bogota, yet he convinced many average citizens that he was a good guy. People still visit his grave today by the hundreds, to pay their respects.

If you’re interested in reading about Pablo, I highly recommend Killing Pablo. It’s written by the same guy who wrote Black Hawk Down and draws from lots of interviews and primary source material: Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw: Mark Bowden: 9780142000953: Books

Diksha Mishra
His motto: “Pablo Escobar must be respected”

11w ago

In the United States, the mafia makes Witnesses disappear so they can’t testify in the Court. In Columbia, PABLO ESCOBAR made the whole court disappear.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria ordered 3000 murders of those who stood as obstacles in his path including Judges, policeman, rival traffickers, communists, journalists, Presidential Candidates and any person present on crime scene who could testify against him in the Court.

Also thousands of innocent civilians died in his planned bombings.

The King of Cocaine was also a “Harbinger of Death.”

He also threatened to Bomb Deutsche Embassy in Columbia, a couple of Lufthansa Planes and kill every German in Columbia when his wife and kids were denied entry in Germany.

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