Don’t kill yourself, Don’t worry At the right time, you will know the reasons for everything that is happening -Lucky Nnoyelum CEO Luckyinspire

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A very sensitive story of my life I want to share. It is been a long time coming.

Back in 2014, I gained admission to study physics Education in Unizik. Well, it wasn’t the course I wanted. I just had to accept the admission and went on pursuing my dream course, pharmacy #smiles…i tried but it didn’t workout after my 100 level. Not that I didn’t merit it though but a lot of issues and situations crippled my transfer which am not going to ponder on right now.

At that point, I felt I was a failure, I felt devastated, Ill-motivated.. Hmm what do science education has to offer me? I wanted to study a big course so to say. I continued my journey in studying physics education. If asked which department I was, I always tell people industrial physics. I concealed that identity of education in my life not knowing the plan of God for me.

Lucky Nnoyelum CEO Luckyinspire
Lucky Nnoyelum CEO Luckyinspire

You see, from the nothingness of man, God makes out something from it. The things that seems unfit for you or stuffs you are not proud of, he can stamp and concise it to your future. Moreover he already knows the end from the beginning that is why he will channel your life to the direction of his purpose even if it is against your wish. This is to show how much he loves us knowing that the end justify the means.

I transcend in physics Education and started conquering grounds. My passion changed automatically and I saw what lies in stock being an educationist..

The one that struck me was when the mandate of being the departmental president rested on my shoulders. I couldn’t help it in as much I never wanted the presidency but it keep coming back. It troubled my heart alot. I lost my peace of mind because I wanted to subdue it. How can I represent a department that I was never proud of or even want to be identified with..

After a long run, I took up the post and surprisingly, my peace returned to me. Passion grew, dedication and commitment to service was what I saw myself into. Sometimes, I have to come out from my own body literally and examine from afar to know whether if this is lucky or another guy that comouflaged him.

For the first time in my life at school, I could proudly/openly tell someone am in science education department. I have never been that committed to a course in my life before even to the extent of collaborating with something I hated with passion . I don’t know what happened to me but all I know is that God was working from all angle to make sure that destiny is being fulfilled.

Burden to serve grew. I went to rewrite the history of science education for the next generations to benefit from. Still very much in progress.

All I can see is God working in my heart to make sure that am aligned to the great destiny that awaits me. Now, I truly understood why my change of department was a flop. It is becoming glaring day by day.

To that person striving to get the best out of life,It seems that the effort is fruitless, that it is not working out.. Don’t kill yourself, Don’t worry.. At the right time, you will know the reasons for everything that is happening and you will thank God that the desires in your tendered heart was never actualized. Just be committed to being the best in what you are doing. With time, everything will become clearer.

Departmental week was a success. The picture below was my attire throughout the week.

I still remain your love boy,


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