Don’t Stay With A Broke Guy If He Shows These 4 Signs

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You’ve probably heard all about how it’s not the worst thing to stay with a broke guy since there’s a likelihood that he will be successful someday. However, keep in mind that some broke situations are permanent for some people.So if you want to ensure you have yourself a successful man that will not only match your own success but inspire you to greater heights, watch out for these dangerous signs that he will likely stay broke.


1. He has excuses for everything

When a man cannot take responsibility for his own finances, then he will never be able to figure out a way to a more fruitful future. If he would rather blame other people (and the government) for his ‘brokeness’ instead of working to get out of it, then you should leave him to stew in peace and move on.

Love Him Or Leave Him! Don't Stay With A Broke Guy If He Shows These 4 Signs Zumi,ng

2. He is lazy

Some guys are just happy half-assing their way through life. Don’t stay with a broke guy that’s so painfully lazy, he can’t be bothered to pick up after himself or show some discipline. This guy will very likely not make it to the big leagues.

3. He is bad with money

The little he has, he can’t even spend right. Sometimes, he may not be broke because he doesn’t have money, he may be broke because he carelessly spends. So, if he cannot figure out how to make little work for him, chances are he won’t even know what to do even when he starts making good money. So you should ditch a guy who would rather spend what he has on gambling, alcohol and other vices that do not benefit him.

Love Him Or Leave Him! Don't Stay With A Broke Guy If He Shows These 4 Signs Zumi,ng

4. He’s obsessed with fast money gimmicks

Every time you see him, he has a new fast-money idea he heard from someone somewhere. The idea of actually working for money probably scares him and he’s determined to hit 10 million literally overnight. In fact, he very much believes this will happen someday. This is not the dreamer you should hustle with.

So, should you stay with a broke guy? Well, it depends. His attitude to money and financial success should give you the answer you seek.

Keep in mind that some rules apply to you too.

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