I like this family. The combination is okay. Very cute. God bless. #campus love

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We met 12 years ago in UNIBEN in Nigeria, I was on my way to
choir practice, when he walked up to me and said hello to me, I
said “hi” I walked as fast as I could away from him as I was
already running late for Choir practice,
he kept following me and
asked if I could give him a minute, I shouted at him and said “say
what you want to say am late for choir practice” he was quite

polite and told me his name was Richard , what’s your name he
asked and I answered ” you asked me to give you a minute right?
Your time is up” and I walked away. I didn’t see him again until
about 2 months after, I was going to the library to read and was
preparing for my exams, he saw me and followed me to the library,
he said I know you are preparing for your exams but please hear
me out, he asked me for my mobile number, I lied to him and told
him I didn’t have a phone, he asked me when I will be through with
my exams, I told him 2 weeks time, then he said I’ll come look for
you in the library a day to your last papers, I said alright, and then
he left. The day before my last papers I didn’t go to the library, I
decided to study at home in order to avoid him, I went home for
holidays after my last paper. About a week later I got a call from
him, I was surprised how he got my number and I asked him how
he got my number, and he told me he went to my hostel to look for
me, he said he described me to any one he could find and finally a
classmate of mine gave him my number and he told me her name,
I was really surprised she has my number because we weren’t that
close, I guess she gave him my number just to spite me, but God
had other plans for me. God used her to bring such an amazing
and God fearing man into my life, he kept in touch , in fact he called
me everyday but never asked me out for a date or anything. Then
about 2 weeks later , we were talking on the phone and he asked if
he could come visit me at home. I said no, but I asked if he could
come to my church on Sunday, he said yes and he did. After
Church we went out on a date and that was when we started a
Godly relationship for about 2 years before we got married 10
years ago. And God has blessed us with 3 amazing kids and it’s

been God all the way.

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