Letter From Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz} To Parents

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Dear Parents,

When you are giving your children money or paying their school fees, or taking care of their feeding and clothing, especially when they are still reasonably dependent, you are not doing them a favor, you are merely fulfilling your parental responsibility.

Stop intimidating your children with money, they didn’t beg you to give birth to them. If you weren’t prepared to handle those parental responsibilties you should have worn a condom, the cheapest amongst them is fifty naira.

Secondly, being able to handle those financial responsibilities does not make you a successful parent, do not go looking for accolades. You have failed as a parent if you are not able to meet your children’s emotional and psychologically needs as well. Don’t abuse God’s precious gift!

Letter From Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz} To Parents
Letter From Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz} To Parents

If you continue to see your children as a bunch of responsibilities and not God’s precious gift, you never deserved them in the first place.

Lastly, parents learn to treat your children with respect, you are merely a gateway God used to bring them into the world don’t go bragging ownership with God. If you can’t talk to them rightly, or show concern for their emotional needs, then you should relinquish that responsibility. Thank you!

 Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz}
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz}

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}

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