LOL..See Categories Of Christians That Dont Go To Church And Their Possible Reasons

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It’s More or less a culture worldwide for Christians to go to church every Sunday .

But funny enough, its not all those who call themselves Christians that do go to church on Sundays.

Below are some types of Christians that don’t go to church on Sundays and likely reasons they give,

1. The “I don’t have offering” gang

Reasons why Christians don't go to church

This statement is one of the top most reason why majority of Christians  for dont attend  church services.

This set of people will be like ‘everybody will know I didn’t come with an offering’.

2. The ” I don’t have something to wear “Gang

This is somehow more common with  female Christians.

Most often female Christians don’t like putting on a cloth to church more than once due to the fashion competition that usually takes place in the church.

3. The ones that sees Sunday as a Sabbath day Therefore is a day to rest

Fortunately The set of people that give this reason can quote bible like

They will tell you the Bible said, Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

In most cases, they give excuses about their job activities during the week and Sunday is the only day to rest from it all.

4. The set that go to church only on First and Last Sundays

Aside from last Sundays and first Sundays , these people would never go to church on other Sundays.

5. The set that listen to their church services online via podcast, radio, Television etc

these set will tell you that we’re in a jet age that  things have gone advanced than going to one church to seat for hours.

6. The ones that are not in support of the pastor’s last sermon.ghen Ghen!!

Probably the pastor criticised how they dressed or stuffs like that and boom!! They won’t attend church service again

7. The ones that had a bitter argument with the ushers over where they want to seat with usher refusing them their request.

Which Group Do You Belong To?

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