The kind of lady that deserves an Assurance-Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz}

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The kind of lady that deserves an Assurance.

The word Assurance, has recently made waves in Nigeria. And to some the word itself is synonymous with the car Porsche. Personally, I believe that the greatest assurance a young unmarried lady needs from a man who loves her or claims to, is the one obtained on the isle, while he slips a ring into her fragile finger, even as he looks deep into her eyes and makes the promise of always and forever before her family and friends.

The kind of lady that deserves an Assurance. -Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz}
The kind of lady that deserves an Assurance. -Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}

However I know some may prefer just the Porsche and the publicity that comes with it, which soon wanes and is forgotten. This however is not the purpose of this write-up. The purpose of this write-up is to answer the question, “what kind of lady deserves an assurance?”.

The progenitor of the song and the deed which gave rise to “assurance”, explains succinctly in his song. According to him: She get the dollar: meaning that she has her own, and is not overly dependent on a man. Secondly, she dey wear designers: this is indicative of the fact that she has a good taste and class which she can personally finance. This of course is the kind of lady that absolutely deserves an Assurance.

Furthermore, she is marketable. This is because she has developed a gift and an ability which can fetch great dividend. Such lady is able to attract endorsements merely because she has something to offer. Infact she is an asset!

Many who seek Assurance today have nothing to offer. Not the resources, nor a good taste or class. It is a reality of life, that those who get the good things are not those who go about seeking it.

This explains why, while a poor man begs for ten thousand to survive, a wealthy man is offered millions both in cash and in kind without him necessarily asking for it. And the giver may even further add, “please Sir kindly manage this little token”, even when the gift they offer is more than just a token.

In conclusion, those who deserve an ‘Assurance’ are those who do not go about seeking it, but such that has worked on themselves enough that a man who comes in contact with them cannot help but give them an Assurance. For he realizes that it is for his own good. Just like a man who has discovered a precious jewel and sells all he has in order to acquire it, for he knows that time wasted eventually would be to his own detriment.

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}

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