Where do you see yourself in 2028? -Adesegun Damazio

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Where do you see yourself in 2028?

~Adesegun Damazio~

Zenith Bank declared a profit after tax of NGN177billion for the 2017 business year, making it the most profitable bank in the country and the largest by market capitalization.

Guaranty Trust Bank came a close second with NGN170billion.

According to reports, the MD/CEO of Zenith stands to earn 1% of the bank’s profit, about NGN1.77 billion. And depending on the company policy, he could either get about 70% in cash and the remaining 30% in shares, investments and stock.

Where do you see yourself in 2028? ~Adesegun Damazio~
Where do you see yourself in 2028?
~Adesegun Damazio~

Bear in mind this is a man who probably lives off of his bank – and has earned that right either meritoriously or via internalized nepotism. Simply put, the bank already pays for his accommodation, holidays, feeding, children’s education and every other thing you can think of. And in spite of this, he still earns millions in salaries and bonuses.

Save for few with stingy policies, I’m of the opinion that SMPs (senior management professionals) of top tier organizations hardly have need for their salaries, unless of course they’re repaying a huge debt.

The journey to such positions is not exactly a walk in the park though, as most (if not all) of them had to pay their dues by enduring long hours of work, while still keeping their sanity in check.

Where am I going with this?

Tell you what, no degree of blood money, yahoo yahoo or voodoo can fetch you such staggering amount of money and benefits without permanent collateral damage.

More often than not, babalawos/ritualists emblematize poverty, yet, they record customers in droves. They look nothing like what their customers hope to become. In fact, a growing batch of customers have made a habit of stripping bare on major roads to bathe or dance, leaving passers-by to (erroneously) diagnose them of mental disorders.

We see these things around us all the time, but how much attention do we pay them?

In addition, there’s arguably an influx of young subscribers of the “get rich quickly” movement. Someone tells you “unexpected bank alerts will invade your account this week” and you’ll find a multitude commenting “amen”.

Then I ask, where do you suppose the unexpected money will come from and whose account(s) will be debited as a result? I mean, do we even think when we type these things?

No matter the number of amens you type, good health may never be your portion if you spend your time smoking harmful substances or drinking filthy mixtures. These things go without saying. But that’s talk for another day.

I may not be in any moral position to dish out life hacks but know for sure the little I’ve seen so far, can count as tangible advice for anyone who cares to listen.

Work hard. And most importantly, work right.

Today’s road side beggars, destitutes, vagabonds and idle minds are tales of missed opportunities, bungled opportunities and zero opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in 2028?

~Adesegun Damazio~

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