Why do football players wear headphones when they get down from team bus?

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Why do football players wear headphones when they get down from team bus?

Himanshu Patri
In Love with this sport.

103w ago

Well, there are a few reasons why footballers wear headphones when the arrive at the stadium. And you might also notice that most of the times they wear huge headphones rather that earphones.

1: They want to be focused before their match,they want to keep themselves calm.

2: They wear headphones so as to avoid any disturbances around them like press interviews or noisy fans.

3: You might also notice this that major footballers always wear beats headphones,and some times the headphones are just hanging around their necks.This is mainly for endorsing the brand as they get paid by beats for it. Like the one below.(See how it is a special Brazil edition just for Neymar!)

4: Or they just wear it because they want to :P.

Lee Majors
studied Civil Engineering at Manchester University

19w ago

Two reasons:

  1. Less likely, they like to listen to music as a form of preparation before the game.
  2. More likely, they wear headphones to avoid having to stop and speak to the media and the fans who are waiting for them.

Footballers live on a different planet to regular folk so are generally anti-social. They don’t want to be bothered by those who pay their astronomical wages which is why so many footballers make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Unlike the players from the 70’s and 80’s who were fans as well as footballers and saw playing for money as a privilege, today’s players see it only as a job and as such, are pampered and cocooned from the outside world by their clubs.

This fosters an attitude of ‘them and us’ and is the reason why many are socially awkward or cannot string a sentence together.

Don’t get me wrong, not all footballers are like this, some are extremely friendly and will stop and chat but, they are the exception rather than the rule. Most will feign ignorance and wearing headphones facilitates that.

Devarshi Rawal

55w ago

Footballers are also human beings like us. The way we feel nervous and pressurized before a big event, they also feel the same before their matches. The level at which they play also mean higher stakes. So it is natural for them to feel so. Now, whenever we feel down or require motivation, most of us resort to music. We plug in our earphones and listen to the songs which motivate us. The same is with footballers. Just imagine how much Imagine Dragons – Radioactive can motivate you before a crucial event of task in your life! So that is why most of them are seen wearing headphones when they get down from the team bus. It helps them remain motivated and maintain their rhythm. Sometimes, they do so to endorse the brands.

Atul Prakash

102w ago

They wear it for many purpose.

1: To stay FOCUSED.

2: To avoid stupid and irritating questions from the press.

3: Listening to some good music psychologically boosts their mind for their game.

4: Brand endorsement.

Checkout this awesome BEAT commercial for 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP.

Taha Ali
I played soccer for many years

19w ago

The answer of this question depends mainly on the type of match whether it’s a nice outing or it is critical..

players are travelling a too long way to the match. They usually prefer being relaxed and out of stress in order to get focused for the match by distracting themselves away from other surroundings (traffic noise) and getting into the concentration frame by imagining the role they will be performing in 90 mins. Another reason is gaining confidence especially in important matches (e.g finals)

For some players , they like to read a book or watch a movie or do any thing entertaining so they can play the match in a better psychic form

Anbi Lama
studied Association Football at Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute (2012)

19w ago

Some wear those because they will be listening to songs and motivational stuffs while some wear it coz they are brand ambassador of the headphone company while for some it is becoming a trend.

Meet Shah

43w ago

They wear it because they want to be in the top spirit before the game. Their play list comprises of energetic songs which charge them up before the big game to face. Music increases their confidence

Huddlestone SH

54w ago

They probably want to keep away nervousness and keep themselves pumped up.Hence, they may be listening to pump up music most of the time. Also it can be said that they use special sound cancelling headphones because they might want to avoid distractions. But using headphones regularly can damage our hearing.

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