For your Daughter’s sake – Ekwegbalu Nnamdi. {Mr Insightz}

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For your Daughter’s sake.

I have a beautiful daughter, and she has always been my major motivation for hardwork. Though I am yet to meet her physically because she is still in my loins and would only materialize when the time is right and when I have found her a suitable mother. But then, the very thought of her directs my every action in the present.

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A lot indeed have been written about the benefits or importance of Hardwork, to the extent that it now sounds more like a broken record which is worn-out due to constant play.

But then, when we tell a young man to be hardworking so he can achieve success we must understand that we haven’t necessarily told him the entire truth. When we tell him to be hardworking so he can afford to sit on the table of influence with his peers tomorrow, we haven’t exactly told him the entire truth. When we also tell him to be hardworking so he can afford the nice things of life in the future, we still haven’t told him the entire truth.

There is a truth we seem to always miss out, or perhaps we merely underestimate its importance. It is the truth that there is a ‘She’ who would eventually be influenced and affected by his inability to pursue hardwork today.

The ‘She’ in this context is not merely the woman he would eventually marry who may totally look up-to him tomorrow for sustainance and may have to compete with diverse solicitations by affluent unscrupulous men who may further entice her with those necessities you cannot provide.

There is also a mother-in-law who may want to believe that her daughter is in safe hands, but may come to a shocking realisation when she comes around for “omugwo” to witness firsthand the pain and the travail you are putting her daughter through.

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There is also a ‘She’ who now is in the University but cannot cope at ease with school, not because she is not smart enough but because she has a father who is unable to provide her with the necessities of life and the requisite materials for her education, not necessarily because you don’t want to, but because you honestly do not have to give.

Then she becomes susceptible to the operation of boys and men alike who may promise her heaven on earth just to use her. But then, her only crime is that she has you for a father.

The future they say belongs to people who prepare for it today. And the reason a young man would have to consciously shun indolent living and embrace Hardwork isn’t necessarily because it is required for his own sake… No!

It is because ‘She’ deserves better. She deserves a beautiful future, a beautiful home and a hardworking father. Be the father she deserves, not the one that she ended-up with. For your daughter’s sake!

Written by,
Ekwegbalu Nnamdi.
{Mr Insightz}

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